Small Moments in Photos

A school as large, vibrant and active as ours is a dynamic entity—we move from somewhat formal, sophisticated occasions such as Gala and Speech Day to the delightfully fun and apparently frivolous celebrations of House Parties and Galentine’s Day that, yet, mean so much to the girls and generate the spirit that is so alive amongst them. And then there are the small daily interactions of our lives here at school. There is always a beautiful surprise just around the corner or a small moment that captures the essence and power of community. Please enjoy a collection of photos from the small moments at BGGS, that often remain hidden but can have such a lasting impact on our experience of the week.


Lilly and Ms Boyle: This is always a lovely meeting hotspot in the mornings, as girls arrive to their lockers and teachers emerge from the RLC carpark.

Tuesday Mornings with the Head Girls: Arwen and Abbey presented Ms Euler with the top six entries for the ‘Name the Buggy’ competition with the winner announced on Assembly.

'Name the Buggy' competition entries. The winning entry was Nil Sine Labuggay.

Nil Sine Labuggay Competition winner Claudia with her friend Sophie, and Mr Guglielmino from Facilities.

Ms Euler and Dr Addison recording their first BGGS podcast.

Dr Jenkins, Dr Peng and Dr Taraporewalla off to the QCAA (with Ms Huxtable and her clipboard on gate duty), where they will engage in some of the most important work our School has undertaken in decades–preparing for the new system of assessment, this time as ‘endorsers’.

Families and staff have been pleased to see the return of Mark and Herman to our drop off in recent weeks.

A favourite study nook for girls in the afternoon: Swimming Captain, Sarah.

Afternoons on the Year 12 deck: Eloise and Nadia.

Cherise Czislowski (De Vere, 2002), showing students Level 4