Songwriter Studio Recording Project

Last Saturday, eight songwriters made their way to Alchemix Recording Studios at West End for a recording and production session akin to those of professional musicians.


In the session, we recorded a collaborative composition, Still I Try, written by the Songwriter Studio in collaboration with Jo Davie (2012) and three original songs, Rising High Above, by Emily Fletcher (8M), Bleached Sunflower, by Freya Smith (10E), and Something to Have, by Jacqueline Trappett (10O). A most sincere thank you to President of the P&F Association, Dr Cate Campbell, and the entire P&F Assocaition for making this experience possible. 


From the girls:


Thank you for the amazing opportunity! It was honestly one of the coolest experiences I have had at a club. As fun as the experience of recording with friends was, I also learned so much about the behind the scenes process of music production, how songs are mixed and recorded. It was so great to see our project that we have worked together on come to life!  

Esandi Tennakoon (11B) 


The opportunity to go to the recording studio was amazing and I learned so much about the production behind what happens in a studio. I learned how the digital controls on Soundtrap and other recording software represent the physical controls in the studio and how signals are sent from the sound proof recording rooms to the producing room. It was an amazing experience and I’m so grateful to have had that opportunity. Thank you so much! 
Emily Fletcher (8M) 


Recording in the studio certainly was a huge highlight of the year for me. I used to think that the process would be much more time consuming, however I’ve come to realise the joy of recording, and the sense of accomplishment when hearing the final product. The environment of the studio was relaxed, and really pushed us to produce our best possible work. 

Mia Tam (11O) 


Having the opportunity to go to a recording studio was incredible. It was fascinating to see the inner workings of how music is produced, as well the equipment that is used throughout the process. Before this weekend, I didn’t quite realise that the best parts of each take are combined to produce a final product—it’s amazing how every take was used. I am deeply grateful for my experience at the recording studio, and thankful to have had this opportunity. 

Freya Smith (10E) 


I really enjoyed the recording experience. It was so rewarding to finish the recording, listen back and observe the editing process. The subtle changes in the editing process seems minimal, but cumulatively, it made such a big difference to the overall sound.  

Jacqueline Trappett (10O)