Spring at Marrapatta

As the days begin to lengthen, the Silky Oak begins its bloom and the warm afternoon breeze reminds us that spring is here. So too do the night-time sounds of the Marrapatta koalas, calling for a mate. Did you know that in February 2022 the koala was officially listed as an endangered species in Queensland? Eucalyptus trees—the habitat and food source for koalas—are under threat from land clearing.

One of the core principles of Marrapatta is our care and connection to our environment. For many years, Marrapatta has teamed up with Koala Action Gympie Region to understand more about how we can help protect and provide a space for our local koalas to thrive. With help from Koala Action, we have started to plant koala food and habitat trees across our site in an effort to provide a safe haven and corridor for these furry friends.

Recently, these efforts have paid off for both the Year 12s during their Study Retreat and the subsequent Year 7 students, who have both had sightings of koalas at Marrapatta. So far, we have spotted a mother and a juvenile in the gum trees close to the chicken pen and another adult in the trees near the Year 7 campsite.

All koala sightings are reported to Wildwatch to contribute to their scientific research and monitoring of this local population. We are so lucky to have Marrapatta as a safe space for our local endangered wildlife; let’s hope these koalas feel comfortable to call Marrapatta home for a long time to come!

Ms Kim Wood
Director of Outdoor Education