Strong ATAR results continue for graduates of Brisbane Girls Grammar School

There has been excitement, much relief, and a sense of pride as Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s Class of Year 12 2022 received their long-awaited ATAR results this morning.

14.59 per cent of Brisbane Girls Grammar School graduates have achieved an ATAR score above 99 (OP 1 equivalent), and 77.25 per cent of the Girls Grammar Year 12 2022 cohort—all of whom were eligible for an ATAR result—attained a score of 90 and above (equivalent of OP 1-5). The School’s median ATAR was 95.75.

Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, said the students of Year 12 2022 at Girls Grammar should feel a great sense of pride in their results and, just as importantly, in how hard they have worked to attain them.

‘The young women of Year 12 have approached their external exams with a sense of calm and confidence. They’ve given their best and you can’t ask for more than that,’ Ms Euler said.

‘It may have been a delayed and disrupted start, but our Year 12 students approached their final year with positivity and purpose. And they have always had the strong support of their expert and caring teachers, their families, and one another.’

‘We look forward to celebrating our recent graduates’ achievements as they embark upon this next exciting chapter of their lives—beyond school—where they will forge their own, varied pathways knowing they have something uniquely their own to contribute.’

Students from the Year 12 2022 cohort are planning to pursue varied and interesting pathways—from Medicine and Advanced Humanities, to Economics, Philosophy, and the study of the Classics.

Brisbane Girls Grammar School is unique among high-achieving independent secondary schools in Queensland, as it is academically non-selective, and offers no scholarships. Year 7 places are offered in strict date order of application.