Student Council Induction

Congratulations to the newly inducted 2020 Student Council, who were presented with their leadership badges by Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ms Julie McKay, at this week’s Student Council Induction Assembly. We wish them all the best for the year ahead.

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ms Julie McKay, 2020 Head Girls, Arwen Dias-Jayasinha (12G) and Abbey Grice, (12E) and Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler

2020 Student Council

Beanland House Captains, Lua Jarrah (12B) and Astrid Walters (12B), with Head of Beanland House, Ms Rachael Christopherson

England House Captains, Josephine Kimbell (12E) and Sophie Watson (12E), with Head of England House, Ms Alysia Stark

Gibson House Captains, Fiona Brown (12G) and Taylah Tran (12G) with Head of Gibson House, Mrs Hazel Boltman

Griffith House Captains, Poppy Prance (12R) and Annabelle Treacy (12R), with Head of Griffith House, Ms Jan O'Sullivan

Hirschfeld House Captains, Mimi Wackwitz (12H) and Phoebe Lingard (12H), with Hirschfeld Head of House, Alice Dablestein

Lilley House Captains, Fenella Counsell (12L) and Sophie Hillier (12L), with Head of Lilley House, Mrs Sybil Edwards

Mackay House Captains, Jennifer Tran (12M) and Sasha McCormack (12M), with Head of Mackay House, Ms Ruth Jans

O'Connor House Captains, Claire Saggers (12O) and Emily Nihill (12O), with Head of O'Connor House, Ms Sarah Boyle

Woolcock House Captains, Selby McIIroy (12W) and Matina Samios (12W), with Head of Woolcock House, Mrs Violet Ross

Sports Captain, Amelia Perrin (12H), Service Captain, Gia Cayas (12G), Arts Captains, Jessica Mangos (12G) and Annabelle Khoo (12W), Service Captain, Eva Seet (12B) and Sports Captain, Saee Sane (12O) with Dean of Co-curriculum, Ms Ellena Papas