Student entrepreneurs supporting Olympic dreams

On Wednesday, our student entrepreneurs, together with their teammates from Brisbane Grammar School, pitched their creative ideas and prototypes on how to support elite and aspiring Green and Gold Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Following the success of the Student Entrepreneur Weekend in Term 4, 2022 our top three teams were invited to pitch their ideas to the Members of the Board of Green and Gold Athletes.

  • Kate Ireland (12O), Ellie Kendall (11G), and Tiffany Chen (11W) represented Ath-Elite—a platform for athletes to share content with subscribers and sponsors
  • Esther McDade (12H) and Asha Stewart (11G) represented Sportify—a marketing platform to build individual brands and monetise content through selling merchandise and encouraging donations using a points-based loyalty system
  • Angeline Hsu (12G), Taylor Antel (12L), and Xinyun (May) Wu (12H) represented Athlete Support Organisation (ASO)—a bold idea to tap into the Sports betting market to provide customers with a chance of winning while supporting athletes

We would like to thank industry partner, five-time Olympian, and Gold medallist, Natalie Cook OLY OAM, for setting the students the challenge and asking thought-provoking questions as a panel member. Our sincere thanks also go to Nicole Davis (The Comms Team), Ben Parsons (Ministry of Sport), Cedric Dublic OLY (Decathlete), and Nicole Jordan (Aussie Founders Network), who each challenged the students with probing questions.

It was wonderful to see the professionalism of the pitches. Students impressed the panel with their ability to field questions, articulate their ideas and provide detailed responses. Deputy Principal (Co-curriculum), Ms Sophie Mynott, watched the pitches and gave the closing speech. Our Director of Sport, Ms Jane Gooden, and Director of Service, Ms Lynne Mungomery, also attended the event.

The panel is going to confer and come back to the teams to let us know which ideas they are interested in taking forward.

To view more photos from the event, visit Photos of the Week.

Dr Sam Peng
Head of Economics and Coordinator of the Student Entrepreneur Program