Student Tables from the P&F Association

This year, the core goal of the Student Council is to develop further and foster a culture of inclusivity, kindness, and togetherness. With a school population of almost 1500, this can be quite the challenge. All factors, such as the school environment, physical resources and students’ ability to voice their opinions and concerns, make a considerable difference to feelings of connectedness, belonging and wellbeing.

When asked by the P&F Committee what could enhance the student experience, we noticed that some areas within the School lacked comfortable seating where students could gather and enjoy our beautiful School surroundings at morning tea, lunch, and before and after school—and realised that more attention could be directed towards improving these areas to encourage inclusivity.

Our P&F Association plays such an essential part in developing and continuing community, spirit, and togetherness at Brisbane Girls Grammar School. When possible, the P&F Committee aims to donate both time and resources to develop or introduce new projects at the School to better our own school experience and leave a legacy for other students to enjoy for generations to come. In the past, these projects have taken shape through developments such as the Year 12 deck, and the viewing deck at Rangakarra.
Wanting to explore options, Student Council representatives Sophie McLeod (12M) and Zhixuan Zhang (12L), had the privilege of attending a P&F meeting, where we discussed and brainstormed ways in which new seating areas could be implemented around the School.

Thank you to the P&F for their generous gift of new tables and chairs, which will be scattered around the School for all students to enjoy from Term 3. The Student Council, and the entire Year 12 cohort, are very grateful to the P&F for their commitment to the School—we know that this is an initiative that all grades, and all students, will be able to benefit from significantly, and we look forward to the implementation of the tables early next term!

Victoria Chen (12O) and Sophie McLeod (12M)
Head Girls 2021