Term 2—winter uniform

All students are reminded that the School winter uniform is to be worn from the beginning of Term 2 up until the end of Term 3. During winter, black stockings should be worn with the School uniform instead of white socks. These should be kept in a tidy state. Knee-length black socks or knee-high stockings are not acceptable.

The wearing of the School blazer is mandatory. The P&F Uniform Shop currently has stock available for your daughter’s winter uniform needs.

When travelling to and from School, the School blazer must be worn and if cold, the School jumper may be worn underneath. Students are not permitted to travel to and from School wearing the School jumper alone.

The senior jersey is not permitted to be worn travelling to and from School. Students should not wear the senior jersey with any other article of the School uniform while off campus.

It is also timely to remind students of the rules regarding the wearing of the sports uniform.

The School sports uniform may be worn to or from School, only if:

  • students are travelling in private transport
  • students are arriving at school before 7 am or leaving after 5 pm.

Students are encouraged to speak with their Head of House should they have any queries regarding uniform expectations for next term.

Ms Melinda Egan
Dean of Students