Thank You For Supporting BGGS Giving Day

We are so grateful for the outstanding support from our BGGS community on Giving Day.

Together we have surpassed our goal, raising more than $750 000 towards the BGGS Bursary Program.

A special thanks to our matching donors for their inspiring commitment and early support to enable Giving Day to proceed.

In particular, the School acknowledges the significant leadership gift of the Parents & Friends Association. With the total funds raised, the School will be able to establish a new means-tested perpetual bursary, the Parents & Friends Association Bursary. Every six years, a new student will benefit from this bursary assistance during their school years at BGGS.

The impact of this collective philanthropy will be transformational, ensuring a Girls Grammar education remains accessible to girls from a wide range of backgrounds.

If you missed Giving Day and would like to make a contribution, there is still time to donate. You can make a gift until Monday 22 August via this link.

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Thank You!