Things You Need to Know This Week

Updated Advice: novel coronavirus

Following yesterday’s announcement from the Queensland Government, please see an update from the School about novel coronavirus (COVID-19), available via the BGGS website.

Further updates will be communicated to families as required.


2021 Non-Government School Census collection notice

The Australian Government provides funding to Australian schools under the Australian Education Act 2013 (AE Act). The AE Act and the associated Australian Education Regulation 2013 (the AE Regulation) require that a school authority provides the Australian Government with certain information about the school, its staff, and student body to ensure the school’s funding is properly calculated and appropriately managed. This information will be collected by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment on behalf of the Australian Government on Friday 7 August.

Any personal information collected is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988, and will be handled in accordance with that Act, the AE Act and the AE Regulation.

The 2020 Non-Government School Census collection notice, including what, and why, information is collected, and who receives this information, is available to download. If you have questions about the collection of information about schools by the Australian Government under the Australian Education Act 2013, please contact the Recurrent Assistance for Schools via



Traffic Reminder

Girls Grammar families are reminded to please adhere to the traffic rules and signs outside the School to ensure the safety of our students and assist in the smooth flow of traffic along Gregory Terrace. Please be respectful of the Traffic Controllers and other motorists when using the set-down/pick-up zone when dropping off or picking up your daughter/s.

Set-down/pick-up zone

The set-down/pick-up zone at the front of the School is under the jurisdiction of Brisbane City Council, not the School, and our Traffic Controllers are there to assist with moving traffic through the zone. The pick-up opening time is 3.20 pm.


Parents who arrive to collect their daughters before 3.20 pm will be directed to follow a detour.

Time limits

Please note the time limits on the traffic signs as there is a three-minute zone (in front of the Main Building) and a five-minute zone (in front of the Science Block). Brisbane City Council parking inspectors regularly monitor this area and may issue parking infringement notices to parents who exceed this time limit.

No right turn

When exiting the set-down/pick-up zone you must turn left onto Gregory Terrace. There is a ‘No Right Turn’ sign located at this exit. Several accidents and near-misses have occurred in the past due to drivers ignoring this sign and turning right across oncoming traffic onto Gregory Terrace.

Peak drop-off and pick-up times

The peak time for using the set-down/pick-up zone is in the morning between 8 am and 8.20 am and in the afternoon between 3.20 pm and 3.30 pm. We encourage families to speak to their daughters about the option of using public transport, carpooling or varying their drop-off and pick-up times outside of peak times to improve traffic flow along Gregory Terrace.

Kalinga Avenue

Kalinga Avenue and the Facilities/P&F Uniform Shop car parks are not to be used by parents for the set-down or pick-up of students. The laneway and carparks are only to be used for staff access and deliveries to the School.


New Items in the P&F Uniform Shop

The P&F Uniform shop has new items available for purchase from Term 3.
New Navy Book Bag $25


The Navy Book Bag is available as an alternative to the Calico Book Bag. Parents are reminded to please pay attention to the care instructions when laundering.

To purchase new book bags, please visit the P&F Uniform Shop online store:

Reusable Facemasks (with filters) $15


Reusable masks are available for purchase in packets of three. Replacement filters (5pkts) are also available for purchase for $1.50.

Masks are available for purchase via the P&F Uniform Shop online store: