Things You Need to Know This Week

Evening Study Program Commences Next Week

The Evening Study Program commences in Week 3 on Monday and Wednesday evenings. For the first week, all students are required to meet Mrs Levitt and myself at the Grand Staircase in the RLC at 5 pm for a 10 minute briefing. All the best for a successful start to the program.

Ms Ellena Papas
Dean of Co-curriculum

Hat Repairs

Formal Hats can be submitted for cleaning or repairs during the School term and will take approximately one to two weeks to be completed. A hat slip will be provided to excuse students from wearing their hat while it is being repaired.

The following hat repair costs are intended as a general guide only and can change without notice. P&F Uniform Shop staff will advise of hat repair costs once the hat is submitted and the full scope of work has been determined.

Clean and re-block of Hat                                                       $30
Clean, re-block and repair (one area of damage)               $38
Extra repair/s (charged per each additional repair)           $10
New Hat Band                                                                           $18.50
Clean, re-block and replacement of internal hat band      $46.50