Uralla Club visit The University of Queensland

On Saturday 15 October, the Uralla Club invited interested staff, students, and parents to join us for a tour of the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony, currently on display at The University of Queensland Art Museum.

The 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony is the National Gallery’s flagship exhibition of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. Featuring the work of 35 artists from across Australia, this exhibition reveals how ceremony is at the nexus of Country, of culture, and of community. Led by a First Nations curator, Hetti Perkins (eldest daughter of prominent Indigenous activist, Dr Charles Perkins), the exhibition brings together commissioned work by established and emerging First Nations artists from across Australia. Common themes emerging from the works included the impact of colonisation, the resilience and adaptability of First Nations Peoples, the importance of language in forging identity, and respect and care for Country—the latter of which is so imperative to our collective survival.

The sheer scope and variety of works was impressive—from intricately woven dilly bags to mesmeric short films. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to explore and discuss the works with staff, students, and parents and draw meaning from, and connections to, our own experiences and understandings.

Thank you to all those who helped facilitate this tour and to all those who joined us on the day. We look forward to engaging regularly with the wider community through similar opportunities in the future.

Ms Abby Hills
Uralla Club Coordinator