Water Polo Update

Our BGGS Water Polo girls have been busy at work during the first few weeks of competition, participating in training, fixtures, welcome afternoon teas, morning breakfasts, friendly games and more!

Last Friday afternoon, the 14As and Opens Team trekked to St Rita’s College (SRC) for some friendly training games. All teams enjoyed the experience and were able to work on their skills. The 14As have been working to improve their shooting under pressure, walking away with a comfortable win under their belts against a tough, highly ranked SRC 14As.

Highlights of the match—Millie Bender (7H) putting away several off-the-water shots, and Allegra Bird (7M) stepping up to the challenge of sitting in goals against girls a year older than her. Great work, Millie and Allegra!

After the 14s victory, the Opens Team hopped in the pool, hopeful of keeping the BGGS competitive spirit up. The girls played a tight game from the start of the match, leading by two points at the end of the first half. The Opens girls were working on implementing a three back into their game—a new tactic introduced earlier that week. By the end of the match, SRC came away with the win, but the BGGS Opens Team certainly put up a tough fight and appreciated the opportunity to work on their game play.

Highlights of the match—Anne Butler’s (10W) debut in the Opens as goalie and Astrid Thomas’ (9H) brilliant backhand shot from the centre— I am sure the SRC goalie did not see that coming! Great work, Anne and Astrid.

The wonderful Water Polo Support Group (WPSG) has been very busy preparing breakfasts and afternoon teas for the girls. Earlier this month, the WPSG held their first Water Polo breakfast, serving up a delicious array of sausages and breakfast burgers. It was great to see all the girls come along and enjoy good food with their teammates. The WPSG also hosted a Welcome Afternoon Tea for our Year 6s and 7s—a great opportunity for our youngest Water Polo players and their families to get to know one another and have some fun. Students in the 18As and Opens Team came along to encourage and support the younger girls and welcome them into the program. It was great to see the enthusiasm and the kindness they all showed to the Year 6s and 7s and their families. Special thanks to newly appointed Water Polo Captains, Jessica Taylor (11M) and Kate McDonnell (11H), for wrangling their teammates to the event and umpiring some very spirited games of dodgeball.

As we approach the final two weeks of Water Polo fixtures for Term 4, I am sure the girls will give it their all and keep up the enthusiasm. Fingers crossed we don’t lose all that fitness over the Christmas break … time will tell!

Ms Annabelle White
Water Polo Coordinator