Welcome to the new Health Centre Director

The School is delighted to welcome our new Director of the Health Centre, Dr Gillian Thorpe, to Girls Grammar. Dr Thorpe has been a General Practitioner for more than 12 years and is passionate about adolescent health, health promotion and disease prevention. Dr Thorpe will be working alongside our School Nurse, Mrs Debbie Vanlint, who has extensive experience in the school sector. The Health Centre’s aim is to provide excellence in care, including education and initiatives that promote adolescent health and wellbeing. If you would like to discuss any medical issues that pertain to your daughter, please contact Dr Thorpe or Mrs Vanlint via email or 3332 1337.

This term, the Health Centre is trialling a new initiative in an effort to improve communication regarding medications that are administered at the School. As part of the initiative, students are asked to bring their School Diary with them when attending the Health Centre. If any medication is given to a student, this will be recorded in their diary to assist with the choice and timing of further medication doses at home, if needed.

If students or staff still have heat packs from last term please return to the Health Centre as soon as possible.

Director of the Health Centre, Dr Gillian Thorpe

School Nurse, Mrs Debbie Vanlint