World Teachers’ Day 2019

Today, Brisbane Girls Grammar School joined schools across Australia in celebrating World Teachers’ Day. Acknowledged in more than 100 countries, World Teachers’ Day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1994 to recognise the contributions of teachers to society.

Girls Grammar is proud of its long history of exceptional educators. The School’s teachers possess depth of subject knowledge, pedagogical expertise, an uncompromising commitment to student care, and a strong sense of the joy and privilege of teaching.

To celebrate this year’s World Teachers’ Day, girls created an installation featuring blue hearts in recognition of their teachers. The hearts were filled with messages of thanks and displayed along the Cherrell Hirst Creative Learning Centre walkway. Throughout the week, Year 12 students also shared their thoughts on the most important lessons they have learned from their teachers.

The School thanks its teachers for their dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism as they empower Grammar girls to become responsible, active citizens who contribute confidently to our collective world.

‘Dean of Students, Mrs Lowry, has showed me, and the Year 12 cohort, the importance of persistence. She encourages us to never give up and has instilled the importance of resilience in achieving our goals—skills which we will take with us in our lives beyond school’. — Sooyoung Lee (12E)

‘Miss Johnson’s approach to teaching and her willingness to answer questions in Biology class—however silly they may seem—has showed me the importance of compassion. Her selfless approach to teaching has reminded me of the importance of always being kind and engaging meaningfully with others.’ — Gemma Rowland-King (12G)

‘The most important lesson I have learned was from my Geography teacher, Ms McDonnell. She has taught me how to apply deep thinking rather than simply acquiring knowledge when learning a new concept.’ — Elisabeth McCoombes (12L)

‘One of the most important things that I have learned was from my German teacher, Ms Garson. She said that learning should be fun. Our lessons are always engaging, filled with diverse learning opportunities, and her passion for learning is contagious.’ — Mackenzie Kerr (12O)

‘Last year, my History teacher, Ms Hennessey witnessed my disappointment after receiving my assessment results. She knew how hard I had worked and encouraged me to be proud of my marks, even if I had hoped they would be higher. Ms Hennessey taught me the importance of celebrating my individual accomplishments and that what really mattered was that I had tried my best.’—Sophie Watkins (12R)