World Teachers’ Day 2020

Today, Brisbane Girls Grammar School joined schools across Australia in celebrating World Teachers’ Day.

Girls Grammar is proud of its long history of exceptional educators. The School’s teachers possess depth of subject knowledge, pedagogical expertise, an uncompromising commitment to student care, and a strong sense of the joy and privilege of teaching.

To celebrate this year’s World Teachers’ Day, Year 9 and 10 students expressed their gratitude for their teachers, with many girls choosing to reflect on their teachers’ unfailing dedication during remote learning.

The School thanks its teachers for their enthusiasm and professionalism as they empower Grammar girls to become responsible, active citizens who contribute confidently to our collective world.

‘This year, however unpredictable and rapidly changing it has seemed, has only served to showcase the immense dedication of our teachers to the School community. Their commitment to and passion for teaching were increasingly evident in remote learning, from our English lessons spent analysing the deception woven through Shakespeare’s Macbeth with Mr Cupitt, to practising character pronunciation in Chinese with Mrs Quinn.

This year, more than ever, our teachers deserve our greatest appreciation for everything they have done, from making learning remotely a reality, to carrying the conversations on Zoom, and their constant source of support, humour, and kindness.’ – Ella Coxon (10W)

‘This year my teachers have been exceptionally patient, especially during remote learning. Although we were not together physically, I always knew that I could count on my teachers to provide support. Their dedication has allowed me to have an extremely positive year all round.’ – Caitlin Huf (9B)

‘I am grateful for my teachers for their common kindness and thoughtfulness. During home learning, their organisation and communication was extraordinary, making their teaching the same high standard it always is, even with obvious teaching difficulties. They kept me learning and kept me smiling!’– Anna McAuley (9R)

‘I am really grateful to all my teachers for their incredible support this year and in particular throughout remote learning. I appreciate how diligent they were in clearly outlining our unit work and constantly checking our understanding of class concepts. Thank you and Happy World Teachers’ Day!’ – Grace Paschkewitz (9O)

‘This year my teachers have gone above and beyond to deliver an education of the highest standard, all while supporting our wellbeing too. I am truly grateful for the extra time and effort that each teacher has dedicated to my learning. They work tirelessly behind the scenes and I hope they know their efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.’ – Elise Truong (10B)