World Teachers’ Day

This week, the School has acknowledged and celebrated our teachers for World Teachers’ Day.

In recognition of our excellent teaching staff, a group of students in Year 11 were asked to share a memorable moment with a teacher of their choosing, and then write about that moment for BGGS News.

‘One of my most memorable moments at BGGS was during a Physics lesson with Mr Keogh. He never fails to make physics interesting, and on this occasion, we explored the idea of a fourth dimension. I came out of class with a whole new perspective on the universe.

‘I would like to thank Mr Keogh for always taking the time to answer my questions and for making physics so interesting. I am now considering the possibility of a career in physics, and I don’t think I could have done it without Mr Keogh’s engaging and fun approach to learning.’

Kirra Van Nispen (11H)

‘I would have to say my most memorable moment with a teacher would have been with Mrs Munro. While Maths might not be my favourite subject, Maths class is my favourite class. Mrs Munro’s enthusiasm, passion for maths, and willingness to answer any question—even if she has to stay later to answer—make the class one to look forward to every day. If I had to pinpoint a specific moment in which she impacted my life and overall attitude, it would have to be earlier this year when we received the results for our first Year 11 Maths exam. I remember I studied for hours on end for this exam, and when I received the results, I felt they did not reflect the effort I had put in. Mrs Munro came over said something that has stuck with me to this day. It was along the lines of, “I can see how hard you tried, your effort and determination are all that matters, and I believe in you.”

‘Not only this, but she took time out of her lunch to meet with me and see how I could improve my exam strategies. These words, accompanied by her caring attitude, have inspired me and made me realise that what matters is not the grade I received, but how much effort I put in and how I can improve for next time. Thank you, Mrs Munro, for making Maths class one to look forward to!’

Madeline Bemrose (11R)

‘I have been lucky enough to be taught by some of the most caring and skilled teachers at BGGS; however, one teacher who has had a particular impact on me is Ms Genders, my current English teacher.

‘Ms Genders’ insight, humour, and skill as a teacher inspire me every lesson. I respect how she listens to, and values my opinions, appreciates everyone’s contributions during class discussions, and never really criticises, only gives us suggestions for improvement. Most of all, I admire and appreciate how much effort Ms Genders puts into her students, whether that is creating the resources we use during class or always taking the time to write detailed and personalised feedback on my work so that I continue to learn and improve. I am very grateful and lucky to have Ms Genders as my teacher.’ 

Ezara Alphonso (11H)

‘Term 1, Year 10 was a major adjustment, especially in English. Starting with the essay for a public audience was a new assessment type and arguably one of the hardest. Mr Saunders can say what is needed in a sentence, and widen your thinking by introducing you to new genres you wouldn’t even think of. He taught me that learning is a journey, and not an instant achievement. He helped me reach my full potential in English throughout the year, while also acquiring skills that I can transfer across my subjects. Mr Saunders has helped me to love English, even though it challenges me.’  

Gabi Scott (11R)

‘I was lucky enough to start cello lessons at BGGS in Year 6, so Ms Sharp was my first teacher at the School and has taught me every year since. During this time, she has taught me various skills that have been of great value in all aspects of school life. In particular, Ms Sharp has taught me how to look at concepts from a different perspective, which has benefitted me greatly in music and my classroom learning and other co-curricular activities. I’ve been very fortunate to have had such an enthusiastic and supportive teacher throughout my time at BGGS.’

Eden Thomas (11H)