World Youth Chess Under-16 Olympiad

Earlier this term, Rachel Watkins (9R) competed in the World Youth Under-16 Chess Olympiad as part of the Australian team. Held in Çorum, Turkey, the nine-day competition attracted 235 highly skilled players from 38 countries.

Not shy to competitive Chess tournaments, Rachel practices each Tuesday afternoon at the School’s Chess Club and also receives private lessons. She has played in competitions in New Zealand, London and across Australia, and says there are great benefits to playing Chess.

‘I love competing at international tournaments. It’s wonderful to experience new cultures, meet new people and compete against some of the world’s best chess players, learning different playing styles all while improving my own skills. Aside from that, there are also academic benefits of playing Chess. I find the game, while challenging at times, helps with my concentration.’

Rachel is to be congratulated on being the most successful Australian competitor at the competition. She hopes to participate in the competition again next year and the School wishes her all the best in her preparation.