Year 10 and Year 12 Women in Engineering Explore Day

On Thursday 6 May, Tara Bashirzadeh (12R), Hannah Pinson (12L), Pippa Dixon (10G), Harper Hammer (10M), Phoebe McCluskey (10E), Maddie Shaw (10E), Marina Abu Shamaleh (10G), Mackenzie Stewart (10B) and Eve Thomas (10W) enjoyed participating in a full day of workshops with The University of Queensland’s (UQ) Women in Engineering team. The hands-on sessions included creating rockets, design thinking activities, CO2 measurement (how to make clean air), renewable energy and sun smart coding. Our students gained excellent insight from UQ’s current undergraduate female engineers, and enjoyed discussions about the state of engineering in Australia and globally.

At the forefront of the workshop was the importance of promoting diversity and eliminating siloed thinking in STEM fields to break down prejudices and foster innovation.

Some comments from the students:

‘I really enjoyed learning how the courses at UQ could be used in real-world applications.’ — Tara Bashirzadeh (12R)

‘I really enjoyed the program and thought it was fun and exciting, and I learned a lot. I feel like these types of programs are very enlightening.’ — Maddie Shaw (10E)

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

Head of Griffith House
Technologies Teacher