Year 12 Chinese—Lunch at Red Hut

On Tuesday 5 October, our Chinese Teacher, Mr Huppert organised for the Year 12 class, accompanied by Ms Lu, Director of International Studies, to venture outside of campus for a delicious lunch at Red Hut. This humble restaurant never fails to serve authentic and hearty Chinese cuisine.

The Year 10 and 11 Chinese classes also visited Red Hut at the end of Term 3 as part of their ‘Eating Out’ unit.

Our class shared nostalgic memories about the last time we dined here in Year 10, and reminded us about how far we’ve come in our Chinese learning and confidence—something that the current Year 10 and 11 classes will look forward to.

Although the pandemic, unfortunately, prevented the School’s usual exchange program with our sister school in China, our Red Hut lunch reminded us of how our learning can give us the unique experiences of Chinese culture in our everyday lives beyond the School gates.

Phoebe Werry (12R)
Year 12 Chinese