Year 12 Students Celebrate 50 Days To Go

Earlier this week, our Year 12 Grammar girls celebrated having only 50 days left of school

Our BGGS Seniors gathered under the School’s iconic fig tree to celebrate with cupcakes.

The girls had been asked to contribute a handwritten message to a ’50 Days’ pinboard, and their messages expressed gratitude for the friendships and connections made and their excitement about the next chapter. Amongst the messages shared were:

‘I am grateful for my friends and all our memories made at school.’

‘I hope School has prepared me for life and I end up doing something I really love!’

‘I hope my group finds something to laugh about every day.’

‘We will miss the School, all the people and the vibrant culture.’

‘It’s a bit bittersweet, it’s going to be sad to leave and we will miss our teachers and friends, but it’s a happy time as well. We’ve come this far, and it’s been a long six years.’

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