Year 7 ‘50 Days’ Celebration

Year 12 girls joined with their Year 7 buddies on Wednesday to celebrate the Year 7 girls’ completion of their first 50 Days at Girls Grammar. The Year 7 students enjoyed a casual lunch with their buddies, who baked celebration cupcakes for the occasion. The girls also had their photo taken at the ‘photo wall’, which was decorated with House colours and giant ‘50’ balloons. Every Year 7 girl was also gifted a ‘50 days’ ribbon to wear on the actual celebratory day, Thursday 22 April. While Year 7 Prefects organised the event, it would not have been possible without the assistance of the Year 7 Coordinators, Ms Cross and Ms Christopherson.

During their first 50 days at BGGS, Year 7 students have already participated in some of the School’s most significant events, including House parties and the Interhouse Swimming Carnival. The girls have made great use of the new Science Learning Centre, and have shown wonderful enthusiasm through their participation in many co-curricular activities. However, they have only experienced a fraction of what is to come throughout their Girls Grammar journey! We are all immensely proud of how well our Year 7 Grammar sisters have settled in and look forward to watching them grow as the year progresses.

Allison Ng (12H) and Alexandra Playford (12H)
Year 7 Prefects

After celebrating this significant milestone, Year 7 girls reflected on their first 50 days at Girls Grammar:

‘The first 50 days have flown, but I feel like I have been at BGGS for years. The warmth, welcoming nature and support of staff and students have helped my transition to secondary school.

The house structure is quite different to primary school, but so effective in promoting the well-known sisterhood of BGGS. I have found having different subject teachers quite novel. I love it!

My favourite part is the teachers. They are all so passionate about their subjects. This really excites me to learn and give my best.’ —Terese Pulle (7B)

‘I have found the first 50 days of Year 7 very enjoyable. It was fun to adapt to the different environment, and it has been very convenient to have a Buddy to help us with anything we need.

Some things that are different to primary school are: having lots more opportunities for sports and extra curriculars; and increasing responsibility and schoolwork. Also, it’s been a learning experience to get to know the buildings and successfully navigate the big school.

So far, my favourite parts of Year 7 are the many clubs and activities offered because they allow me to try different things. I also like the tuckshop and the food they provide and the fun interhouse competitions.’ — Cadence Chang (7H)

‘I have found my first 50 days of Year 7 thrilling—it’s definitely an adventure! My favourite part of BGGS so far is that there is no limit to the clubs and sports that we can participate in, and we can try as many things as we want.’ — Aleesha Jain (7B)