Year 7 German

Guten Tag, Ich heiße Sarah! As part of Year 7 German, we were asked to test our skills and make a one-minute video blog introducing ourselves with our newfound German knowledge. We spoke about our names, age, and birthday among other things. When I started the task, it was a challenge, but after many, many attempts, it was worth the benefits. It helped me develop my German writing, comprehension, and pronunciation skills while still being a simple and easy task. One of the highlights was watching our classmates’ blogs and getting to know them better.

Sarah Shakeel (7G) 

At the start of the year, our German class did a vlog where we introduced ourselves in German. The purpose of this task was to help us with our communication and speaking skills in German because that is what languages are all about. It also helps us to gain confidence by speaking in German and presenting it to the class. It assisted in my learning of German as it was a very practical way to use our new skills. This activity encouraged me to move around and be active during home learning as I am generally on a computer all day. It was also helpful in assisting my pronunciation and learning new German words. As well as it being academically helpful, it was super fun and funny to watch. I was impressed by how much I had learned with Frau Garson, and I am very excited to continue learning German. It was a very interesting and interactive way to learn German instead of just through a textbook.

Isabella Raymond (7G)