Year 7 Learning Trees

Last Tuesday, as a celebration of Girls Grammar’s commitment to deep faculty-based learning, Year 7 House Group Captains planted learning trees at Rangakarra Recreational and Environmental Education Centre.

The learning tree concept was designed to celebrate learning as a developmental growth journey with the trees being a powerful reminder of the strength and transformative power of learning.

This grove of trees was established by the School’s first Year 7 cohort as part of Girls Grammar’s 140th anniversary celebration in 2015.

Before planting eucalyptus trees, each girl shared their thoughts on what learning means to them and their hopes for learning at Girls Grammar. Below are a few of their thoughts:

This tree we are about to plant will symbolise us: Year 7 growing and learning at girls Grammar.  And like us, the tree may struggle and face some tough times. As it passes through those tough storms, its branches may snap and weaken, though after, it will gather itself and use the damp spoil to keep growing.’

Georgie Falting (7B) and Olivia Choo (7B)

‘We are honoured to represent 7 Griffith today in this very special place and plant trees as a symbol of continued growth and lifelong learning. Being the youngest in the School we hope our cohort will, like these trees, grow and flourish during our time at BGGS and in the future.
We have a long way to go but along the road, we will undoubtedly meet new friends, learn different things and become better people, with wisdom, imagination and respect.’

Iha Agrawal (7R) and Zara Davis (7R)

‘Our learning journey began when we first walked through the white picket fence, and we knew this was where we would grow from Primary School students to independent young women. This tree represents our learning journey as the trunk represents the foundations that Girls Grammar has provided; the branches represent the friendships and connections we create as we go; and finally the leaves represent the constant sprouting opportunities.’

Each branch on this tree represents each of us, different with its unique grooves and leaves, yet the same with its beginnings and intentions. Our future is brilliant and promising and the journey towards it is even more amazing.

Aoife Bedggood (7O) and Caitlin Holmes (7O)

‘We are so grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to undertake this learning rollercoaster with all of you and the wider Grammar community.’

Isobel Payman (7M) and Evie Kolff van Oosterwijk (7M)

Ms Rachael Christopherson
Head of Beanland House

Year 7 House Captains planted eucalyptus trees at Rangakarra Recreational and Environmental Education Centre.