Year 7 update

It has been an extremely exciting time, full of ‘firsts’ for our Year 7 students—first training, first concerts, first assemblies, and much more.. With the additional challenges of COVID disruptions and floods, the Year 7 cohort has proven to be resilient during their transition to Girls Grammar. By now they will have mastered their locker combinations, the School Café, room allocations and will know the quickest way to the gym!

A survey was conducted with Year 7 students last week to identify how well the students have adjusted to secondary school . Areas explored in the survey included: sense of belonging; relationships; learning; organisation; wellbeing; and engagement. The overall result showed 95 per cent of students agreed they are settling in well at Girls Grammar and have felt welcomed by staff, students, and Year 12 buddies. Engagement in co-curricular is also high, with 95 per cent of Year 7 participating in the program. Some highlights for Term 1 have included events such as House Parties, Blue Day, and Galantine’s Day. Students have also enjoyed making new friends, meeting their buddy, and having a locker to store their belongings.

The most common challenges included: a heavy bag; clashes with co-curricular and homework; and juggling break time to eat, go to the bathroom, get organised and arrive at the next lesson on time. Overall, however, it is great to see how positive and enthusiastic the cohort is.

Trials for the Winter Fixture sports have commenced, with more to be held at the beginning of Term 2. Winter Fixtures include Volleyball, Netball, Hockey, and Tennis. More information about sports is available on the Sports Hub section of Minerva.

We look forward to the first Year 7 Parent-Teacher Evening on Thursday 28 April, where parents will have the opportunity to meet with their daughter’s teachers. This is a great opportunity to hear how they have settled into each subject and for parents to gain an overview of the course for the remainder of the semester.

At this time in the term, the girls will be working through their noticing learning tasks and perhaps be tired and very much looking forward to the holidays. It has been an enormous term for them. They have spent much emotional and physical energy navigating their way through a new school, switching between various learning models, meeting new teachers and friends, and settling into new routines.

I hope that your daughters finish the term well and find the holidays the perfect time to rest and recharge, ready for Term 2.

With every good wish to you all for a happy holiday break.

Mrs Sally Callie
Year 7 Advisor