Year 7 Update

It has been a memorable start to the 2022 academic year. As we progress through Remote Learning, we are pleased that our newest students are enthusiastically engaging with their lessons.

Year 7s have had a successful start with their onboarding of laptops, connection to the Online Orientation Program and now Remote Learning.

We look forward to our students being on campus on Monday 7 February, and are excited to see them in person. For Year 7, this day will be a long-awaited milestone in their transition to Girls Grammar, which began last year at the House Afternoon Teas, when the Year 7s met other girls in their House and their future buddies for the first time.

House buddy relationships continued to blossom during the Online Orientation Program last week. A significant feature of the Online Orientation Program—most popular with Year 7 students—were the interactive House sessions throughout the week. Year 7s enjoyed meeting their Heads of House, House Group Teachers, House Captains and House Prefects. Significantly, Year 7 also got to know Mrs Sally Callie, Year 7 Advisor, who will continue to focus on settling them into BGGS throughout the remainder of the year.

The House experience is foundational to the Girls Grammar experience and forms an important part of students’ daily interactions at the School. At the start of each day, Year 7s meet at their House lockers and in their House Group, with Year 12 House buddies attending their House Group rooms. Girls attend a weekly House Assembly and throughout the year there are many special opportunities to meet older girls in their House.

This week your daughter will have got to know the other girls in her Year 7 Core Class which is comprised of approximately 24 students from her House, and two other Houses. This will allow her to broaden her friendships across the Year 7 cohort and has enabled us to reduce the size of our typical Year 7 class in a year group that is, as the result of an unusual enrolment pattern due to COVID, a little larger than anticipated. We hope your daughter is already feeling connected to her teachers and enjoying her learning at Girls Grammar.

If you have any queries about your daughter’s start at the School, please contact her Head of House and we look forward to meeting with Year 7 parents online on Monday 7 February at 6 pm.

Ms Melinda Egan
Dean of Students