Year 8 ‘Healthy Minds’ Parent Information Evening

Year 8 Parents are invited to attend ‘Seven Secrets to a Healthy Mind’—a parent seminar hosted by clinical psychologist, Dr Tom Nehmy, on Tuesday 15 February from 6 pm.

This virtual seminar will introduce parents to the Healthy Minds Program, an important component of the BGGS Year 8 Ethics Curriculum.

Dr Nehmy, who specialises in preventative psychology, created the Healthy Minds Program to provide students with skills that promote emotional wellness and resilience. During this seminar, he will demonstrate how the program:

  • builds and maintains students’ mental health and wellbeing
  • helps students understand the true meaning of ‘wellbeing’ and ‘resilience’
  • can help prevent, and reduce the risk of, students developing anxiety and depression
  • assists students to perform to the best of their abilities across academic and co-curricular activities.

Access details will be emailed to all Year 8 parents on the morning of the event.

If you have any enquiries, please contact Dean of Students, Ms Melinda Egan, or phone 3332 1300.