Year 8 Poetry Slam 2021

In Term 2, Year 8 English students studied Australian Identity in poetry. At the culmination of the unit, they wrote a poem reflecting on their learning and performed it in a class slam.

The winners of the class competitions: Emily Fletcher (8.1) (8M), Valerie Yu (8.2) (8M), Mimi Milani (8.3) (8M), Cate Hughes (8.4) (8W), Eva Clarke (8.5) (8G), Leni Kruger (8.6) (8E), Pia Hatzipetrou (8.7) (8M), Lucia Butler (8.8) (8O), Olivia Knauer (8.9) (8M), and Chloe Harch (8.10) (8M) were invited to compete for the title of Year 8 Slam Poetry Champion 2021. One competitor was unable to participate on the day, so Sabrina Yong Gee (the runner up from 8.5) stepped in and competed in her place.

The final, held on Wednesday 26 July, was well attended by students from Year 7 and 8. These lucky spectators were treated to an entertaining slam that was exceedingly close. In the end, Lucia Butler (8.8) was the worthy winner, closely followed by Sabrina Yong Gee (8.5) in second place, and Leni Kruger (8.6) in third.

Many congratulations to all those involved.

Ms Julie Smith
Head of Year 7 and 8 English

Leni Kruger (8E) presenting 'How could I thank you'

Year 7 and 8 students enjoying the Slam Poetry performances

Finalist, Eva Clarke (8G), Slam Winner, Lucia Butler (8O), and Finalist, Pia Hatzipetrou (8M)

The winning poem, written by Poetry Slam Champion, Lucia Butler (80)


Please this irrationalism has to end,

Otherwise, this monstrosity,

Will never round the infinite bend

Our nation’s own flag fails to represent the internationalism,

In the faces shown when you look down the street,

Can’t hold the flag high,

My mind screams why,

The apology took so long

For the death, robbery, trickery,

We inflicted like bikery,

Beneath our radiant southern cross

We cut across

The cared for, culture and community

Hence there’s no unity

And when somethings so far oppressed,

It continues to forget who it was before this entire mess

Because when you continue to compress and compress

And to squeeze a mould

That won’t ever hold

You only amplify the problem progressed

By nationalism more like fascism

It’s simple but rigged,

Oh but everyone will detest,

“We should not ever regress”

So advance Australia Fair outgrown,

In joyful strains like joyful pains

then let us sing

Advance Australia Fair,

Enhance Australia’s care