Year 9 and 10 Drama Production—Girl Asleep

Rehearsals for the Year 9 and 10 Production—Girl Asleep have commenced in Term 3. The cast of 14 Grammar girls have come together to rehearse each Friday afternoon, and some Saturdays, in preparation for opening night.

Written by Australian playwright Matthew Whittet, Girl Asleep is the final play of his teenage stories trilogy. This coming of age story is poignant, funny, warm and full of angst; it is an emotional rollercoaster symbolic of what teenagers may experience as they head into adulthood.

Greta’s life is a rollercoaster. Add in the dynamics of her overbearing family and a party she does not want, she is taken on a surreal  journey where she blossoms from a shy wallflower to finding her true self. Set in suburban Australia in the 1970s, this play is bold, bright and filled with personal empowerment.

Girl Asleep opens on Thursday 31 October and will be showing until Saturday 2 November. Tickets are available on the School’s website.

The cast includes:

  • Danielle Bade (9W)
  • Caitlin Brough (9W)
  • Isabella Colledge (9B)
  • Johanna Conomos (9W)
  • Emma-Rose Neil (9M)
  • Georgia Souyave Murphy (9W)
  • April Chudleigh (10R)
  • Sophie Conias (10R)
  • Sunday McCullough (10L)
  • Zoe Mortimore (10E)
  • Lucinda Myers (10W)
  • Evangeline Pritchard (10W)
  • Emily Sullivan (10L)
  • Eve Zelich (10L)

Mrs Valerie Miller
Drama Teacher

Grils Asleep dress rehearsal