Young designers

Design as a Year 10 elective is new for 2022, and the first cohort of these future design thinkers is looking bright.

Since its introduction, Senior Design has been successful for Brisbane Girls Grammar School students, with many students moving onto associated tertiary studies such as Design, Engineering and Architecture, or benefiting from the ability to approach complex problems with a design thinking approach applied to other studies.

As a subject, Design explores the underlying principles of human-centred design and sustainability. The subject provides an opportunity to solve design problems practically, through prototyping, rigorous research, and synthesis of existing information. Throw in a healthy dose of creativity and the design classroom is an exciting place to be.

Design students beginning this journey have already been introduced to the disciplines of Architecture, Product Design, and Fashion. They have learned about the timeline of design movements across these fields and engaged in practical tasks which mirror the design activities within these disciplines, from concept sketching iconic Zaha Hadid architectural buildings, building physical prototypes of chairs inspired by the work Charles and Ray Eames, or creating conceptual fashion pieces using nature as a material to communicate form, colour, and texture.

Our faculty enjoys a rich connection to industry professionals and our students often have the opportunity to engage in presentations from architects, product designers, civil engineers, and commercial interior designers to learn more about these careers.

I look forward to sharing the exciting work of our young designers with the BGGS community over the year.

Mr Shane Skillen
Head of Learning Innovation and Design