Head Girls Interview Ms Cherise Czislowski (De Vere, 2002) About the School’s New Science Building

SLC Access Group

Earlier this week, the SLC Student Access Group toured the Science Learning Centre, and were excited to see the internal spaces within the building beginning to feel ‘real’.

Construction Manager, Ms Cherise Czislowski (De Vere, 2002) challenged the girls to ask lots of questions—and the girls certainly made the most of the opportunity.

While viewing the exterior of the building, they learned that the combination of the roof shape and gradient provides some ambiguity to the typically ‘square’ building structure.

The BGGS sign on the northern face of the building represents a modern twist on the School’s traditional font—Times New Roman—through the use of Neon lighting on the outlines, to provide a crisp look.

Internally, the girls visited each level of the building: they viewed collaboration spaces and display cases on Level 6; and on Level 5 the girls walked through classrooms while plastering and roughed in services were being completed. They also inspected features such as acoustic glass and louvered windows. Painting has just begun in the Level 2 multi-function space, and the majority of the plaster and physical structures have been installed.

The girls asked several questions about various aspects of the construction processes, and Cherise explained how technology is used widely to automate and track processes, such as identifying defects through centralised software.

Cherise also shared Lendlease’s target to recycle 90 per cent of all site waste. Girls were interested in how Lendlease has managed COVIDSafe practices, and were impressed to hear the adaptations that have allowed construction to continue throughout the past few months.

Mr Shane Skillen
Manager eLearning

Head Girls Interview Ms Cherise Czislowski (De Vere, 2002)

On Wednesday, all girls were able to watch Head Girls, Arwen Dias-Jayasinha (12G) and Abbey Grice (12E), interview Cherise as part of the School’s Virtual Assembly.

Cherise spoke about the most challenging and exciting parts of the SLC, her time as a student and her connection to the project.