Year 7 girls create affirmation journals

On Friday 19 June, to conclude the Semester 1 Year 7 Ethics Program, Year 7 girls participated in the Enlighten Education workshop. The four-hour program comprised a number of topics including: building positive friendships; the value of affirmation; learning to ‘Love the Skin You’re In’; building self-confidence, personal courage and resilience; and being more aware of media messages about beauty and stereotypes.

Throughout the day, girls participated in group discussions, wrote affirmations to each other and created affirmation journals. The response from Year 7 students was overwhelmingly positive and the program created a celebratory conclusion to the Term. Some student responses appear below:

‘The best parts of today were the craft and creating our journals. I learned to be brave, to embrace yourself, and to be confident. I had a great time!’

‘We loved writing kind messages to our friends. We learned to be kind, to not be ashamed of who we are, and to value our friends.’

‘We learned to feel good in your own skin, think positive thoughts, and how to deal with friendships. Very fun!’

‘We loved decorating the books and learning that we have to live with the skin we have. We learned that we cannot be shamed by other people and we must be proud and supportive of each other. This was a wonderful experience.’

‘My favourite part was the ‘Love the Skin You’re In’ workshop. I learned to not be ashamed of who you are, to be you no matter what other people think, and to surround yourself with positive people. It was a really fun exercise and I learned so much!’

Ms Rachael Christopherson
Head of Beanland House and Year 7 Coordinator

Year 7 girls created affirmation journals in their Ethics lessons