Mindfulness: online yoga and meditation classes

Live Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation sessions are available to BGGS students and staff via Minerva. The last online you and mediation call will be held this Thursday 21 May. Yoga will be live in the McCrae Grassie Sports Center and streamed online for students still learning remotely.

Mr Donald Pincott will lead a yoga practice from 7.30 am to 8 am and Ms Emma Jones will lead a mindfulness meditation session from 8 am to 8.15 am every Thursday morning. Information about how to participate in the live classes will be available via the Daily Notices and News on Minerva.

The practices will be simple and easy to follow. Doing simple movements and sitting quietly are a great way to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

The benefits of movement and mindfulness are academically documented and widely acknowledged as a means to enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

These sessions are designed for all levels of ability. Please participate to your own ability and seek medical advice if you think it may not be appropriate to participate.

For further information about the sessions, please contact Mr Donald Pincott or Ms Emma Jones.