Social Media Age Guidelines

Parents play a key role in guiding their daughter’s use of social media. The digital landscape has significantly altered how children communicate, and has put increased pressure on adolescents to respond immediately and portray their best selves online. The School has compiled a number of resources for parents to ensure their daughter’s online interactions are positive.

Currently, the minimum age to open an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Snapchat is 13. These age restrictions are only a guideline and parents should consider their daughter’s emotional maturity and the potentially damaging content they may be exposed to online before allowing their child to create a social media account. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s social media usage and discuss the account security and privacy settings, how to choose followers and what content is appropriate to share online.

A SchoolTV report, Social Media and Digital Reputation, explores the different social media platforms adolescents use, how parents can monitor their usage and how to positively embrace social technology.

The Good Schools Guide also recommends the following five social media safety tips for parents:

  1. Understand the applications and social media sites your child is using
  2. Set rules for your child’s social media use
  3. Teach your child about sharing information responsibly
  4. Ensure your child understand the implications of their online behaviours
  5. Help your child to deal with cyberbullying

For more information and resources about cyber safety, please visit the Office of eSafety Commissioner.