Parent Support Sessions

The School’s Student Care team is committed to supporting Girls Grammar students and families through any challenges they may be facing.

During Term 2, BGGS parents can book 15-minute support sessions with the School’s Psychologists between 10 am and 11 am, Monday to Friday.

This dedicated time allows parents to seek general advice, or perhaps gain timely, confidential support with specific personal or family situations. Parents can request a contact method that best suits their needs: phone calls; Microsoft Teams appointments; or email discussions will be available.

The School’s Student Counselling team is led by Ms Jody Forbes, an experienced Psychologist who has worked at BGGS for the past 16 years. Prior to working at the School, Jody spent a decade working as a psychologist with Child and Youth Mental Health Services in Queensland and the UK. She is currently completing her PhD, focusing on the psychology of positive body image, and is a mother to two Grammar girls.

To request a session with Director of Student Counselling, Ms Jody Forbes, or our team of Psychologists, please email or phone 3332 1300 and book your appointment by 9.45 am of the same day.

Please supply the following information:


Daughters Name:


Preferred contact: Phone/email/Videoconference

Contact information: