Student Wellbeing Survey

Brisbane Girls Grammar School is committed to providing a Student Care Program that nurtures the intellectual, emotional and social needs of students during the crucial stage of adolescence.

To ensure the Program continues to provide students with relevant and effective strategies to balance their learning with emotional and social development, Girls Grammar is conducting a Wellbeing Profiler survey of all students. The School first participated in this anonymous survey in 2019, and found the insights gained valuable to the delivery of the Program.

This survey is administered by The University of Melbourne, and is accessed by many secondary schools across Australia to support a strong understanding of adolescent wellbeing in the school environment.

Students will complete the survey during House Group lessons on the first day of Term 3—Tuesday 14 July 2020.

Parents were asked to indicate consent for their daughters to participate in the survey by responding YES or NO on the digital consent form by Friday 5 June 2020, accessible at: Wellbeing Profiler – Parental Consent Link. Parents who are yet to complete the consent form are reminded to do so urgently. 

If you have more than one daughter at the School, this digital consent form allows you to indicate consent for all children. The digital consent form requires you to draw a digital signature using a computer mouse or touch screen; however, if you would prefer to fill out a hard-copy form, a printable version of the consent form can also be completed, then scanned/photographed and submitted via the link above.

Information about the survey can also be found on this page, and in the Parent Plain Language Statement. A copy of the Student Plain Language Statement, which will be shared with your daughter before she commences the survey, is also available for your information.

If you have any questions about the School’s participation in the survey, please do not hesitate to contact Dean of Students, Mrs Emma Lowry, via or 07 3332 1300.