Nurturing healthy minds in Year 8

The Healthy Minds Program has been an important addition to the Year 8 Ethics Curriculum in 2020. Developed by Psychologist, Dr Tom Nehmy, and delivered by other experienced psychologists, this evidence-based program has been developed through years of research at Flinders University. It offers a cutting-edge approach to preventative psychology, building resilience, wellbeing and performance throughout all stages of life.

The Healthy Minds Program strives to help young people by reducing a major, broad risk factor (unhelpful perfectionism), building a major, broad protective factor (self-compassion) as well as teaching some crucial psychological skills for mental health and wellbeing.

Studies have shown that young people who have, and use, the skills of effective emotion regulation are much less likely to experience psychological difficulties and more likely to participate in their academic and leisure pursuits to the best of their abilities.

Throughout Semester 1, Dr Jennifer Wilson, a Clinical Psychologist from The University of Queensland, delivered fortnightly presentations to students. Topics presented were then explored further in House Groups through discussion and activities facilitated by  Heads of House. In addition, Year 8 parents were able to attend Dr Nehmy’s introduction to the Program and received fortnightly modules to complement student learning.

BGGS is always looking for new and improved ways to best support our students through the School’s Student Care Program. The Healthy Minds Program has been a welcome addition to the Year 8 Ethics Curriculum, and is unique in the way that it includes students, teachers and parents in the delivery of its content. In Term 3, Year 8 students will commence their .b mindfulness studies during their Ethics lessons.

Mrs Alice Dabelstein and Mrs Violet Ross
Year 8 Ethics Coordinators