International Affiliate Schools

Affiliate Schools

The International Studies Faculty offers students in Years 10, 11 and 12 the opportunity to visit and study at one of our International Affiliate Schools, located across four countries:





Since 1978, Brisbane Girls Grammar School has built a network of like-minded schools throughout the world. Through these affiliations, we provide wonderful opportunities for our girls to:

  • Meet and develop friendships with students from overseas
  • Learn about, and celebrate diverse cultures and ways of thinking
  • Experience real life immersion in a language they are learning
  • Broaden their horizons about future opportunities, particularly as they develop from Grammar Girls into Grammar Women.

For further information, please contact Ms Susan Garson, Director of International Studies.

Seirinkan High School

Location: Tsushima City near Nagoya, Japan
Affiliation: Brisbane Girls Grammar School receives long-term visits from this school, and hosts two students in Term III.

Profile: In 1978, we established an exchange agreement with the privately owned Hirayama Gakuen Tsushima Girls High School. In 1988, the owner Mr Tetsue Hirayama sent two Japanese gardeners to our School to construct a Japanese garden as a 10th anniversary gift Located between our Science building and the main Administration building, this beautiful garden continues to symbolise our schools’ thriving relationship. In the early 1990s, Tsushima Girls High became co-educational and was re-named Seirinkan High School.

japanMie High School

Location: Matsusaka City, Japan

Affiliation: Each year in Term III we host a small number of students from Mie High School for one month. Every second year, Grammar girls have the opportunity to visit this Japanese school.

Profile: In 1989 we extended our ties with Japan to include Matsusaka Girls High School, a one-hour train journey from Nagoya. This school is part of the Education Foundation owned and directed by Professor Umemura. Matsusaka Girls High also became co-educational in the 1990s and is now Mie High School.

Mie Junior High School

Location: Matsusaka City, Japan

Affiliation: Each year in Term III we host a small number of students from this school for 10 days.

Profile: The relationship with Mie Junior High School began in 2004 with a short visit in Term III. Like Mie High School, this school is part of the Education Foundation owned and directed by Professor Umemura.

germanyMaria-Wächtler Schule

Location: Essen, Germany

Affiliation: Grammar girls have been welcomed at Maria-Wächtler Schule since 1989, and we host a small number of their students at our School in July and August each year.

Profile: Maria-Wächtler Schule was founded as a school providing young women with educational opportunities in the late 19th century. Now a co-educational school, it continues to share similar objectives and practices with Girls Grammar.

Werner-Heisenberg Gymnasium

WernerLocation: Neuwied, Germany

Affiliation: Werner-Heisenberg Gymnasium is our newest affiliate school, with the relationship beginning in 2013. Every second year, students from this school will visit for two weeks in September. Grammar girls will visit Neuwied every other year in September.

Profile: Werner-Heisenberg Gymnasium was founded in 1779 and is an co-educational, academic high school in the Rhein region. It shares similar educational objectives to Brisbane Girls Grammar School.

franceLycée Saint Paul

Location: Angoulême, France

Affiliation: Visits between our affiliate school in France and Brisbane Girls Grammar School have been ongoing since 1990 and are very popular. Lycée St Paul students visit us in February each year for two weeks.

Profile: Lycée Saint Paul is a private lay Catholic school that also shares high academic status. It is located in the town of Angoulême, which is a major historical centre southwest of Paris and a significant economic centre within the area of Charente.

 Shanghai No. 3 Girls’ Middle School 

Location: Shanghai, China

Affiliation: The School aims to send girls to China every second year for a two week stay.

Profile: Shanghai No. 3 Girls’ Middle School is a very prestigious school, placing emphasis on academic, cultural and sporting excellence. It is dedicated to a well-rounded education for girls.