Holistic Development

Holistic Development

Developing the Whole Person

It is the School’s intent to establish an educational foundation for young women to contribute to their world with wisdom, integrity and imagination. We believe that modelling and instilling these values in their everyday school life is central to forming each girl’s sense of self-efficacy, character and self-mastery. We wish to develop the whole person so that students can take charge of their own learning and make responsible choices for their future.

Throughout each year a programme of presentations and activities involving staff and guest speakers, designed to inform and motivate girls about the importance of personal wellbeing, ethical and exemplary behaviour, building self-esteem and earning respect through achievement and service, is implemented via House Group meetings and Year Level Assemblies.

Each year level focuses on themes appropriate to the girls’ intellectual, social and emotional development. These themes emphasise issues important to a girl’s own identity, relationships, the importance of assisting others, making considered decisions, taking responsibility for one’s actions and providing leadership based on honesty, integrity and optimism.

Year 7  – Resourceful Adolescent Program (RAP)

The focus in Years 7 is on helping students settle into the secondary school environment and giving them the skills to cope effectively with their new and challenging situation. The RAP program is designed to promote positive coping abilities and a maintenance of a sense of self in the face of stressful circumstances.Topics include self-talk, building self-esteem, finding solutions to problems and considering other people’s perspectives.

Year 8  – Mindfulness in Schools Programme

In Year 8, the focus shifts from settling in to learning to the art of mindfulness. Through the .b Mindfulness in Schools programme, students are encouraged to experience greater well-being and improve their concentration and focus when paying attention and listening to others.

Year 9 – Relationships

Year 9 girls have the opportunity to form new friendships and relationships as they are split into different groupings for each of their subjects. The focus is on building resilience, managing conflict and helping girls navigate these new relationships.

Year 10 – Service

This is an important year for the girls where they are transitioning into the Senior years of schooling as well as transitioning in their sense of identity and place. They are required to undertake significant responsibilities such as their commitment to their Service Programme as well as important decisions concerning subject selection for Senior studies.

Year 11 – Leadership

In Year 11 girls are prepared for leadership in a variety of ways. Opportunities to lead, mentor and role model via House, co-curricular and social activities enable girls to learn important life skills around responsibility, organisation and the care of others. Community service continues to be a significant theme in the girls’ daily life at the School.

Year 12 – Transitions

This is a major year of transition where the emphasis is clearly on supporting girls through their final Senior year into their chosen pathways beyond school life. Leadership also remains an important focus, and girls may be involved in  responsibilities such as Head Girl, Student Council, Captain of Sport, House Captains, House Prefect or buddy to a Year 7 girl.