In Their Words

In Their Words tells the stories of Girls Grammar staff. Each staff member brings a unique perspective and personal history to the School, and plays an essential role in supporting students and families in their academic and co-curricular endeavours.

Throughout 2018, In Their Words will share the stories of a diverse range of academic and professional Girls Grammar staff, showcasing their interests, anecdotes and experiences and providing an insight into what Girls Grammar means to them.



Mrs Anna Owen, Deputy Principal

‘Teaching provides so many moments of joy. The moment a student grasps a concept—the ‘a ha’ moment—that is something that stays with you, as do the moments where you have the opportunity to be ‘present’ for a student.’

 Mr Brad Jennings, Head of Co-curricular Drama

‘If I’m having a bad day, I’ll arrive at rehearsal and my entire mood is shifted… the girls have transformed into their characters and are delivering performances that convey commitment, enthusiasm and a willingness to take a risk.’

Mrs Carol McIntosh, Outdoor Education Teacher

‘In the midst of the ‘busyness’ of managing and delivering our programs, it’s affirming to still be able to connect to nature, and to one another.’




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