Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


The technological landscape at Brisbane Girls Grammar includes an innovative Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program that encourages students to personalise their use of technology.

Ready to purchase a device, with school-based onsite warranty? Visit the BES BYOD purchasing portal. (More information)

BYOD specifications

The School’s BYOD policy means that students bring their own computing device to all of their classes. Students can bring a device of their choice and configure it to meet their personal likes and individual needs.

The advantage of a BYOD strategy is that it enables students to personalise their learning and adapt technology to suit their individual learning styles, rather than working with a device that has been prescribed for them. Students using their own device during the past two years have provided positive feedback — they enjoyed the flexibility of having their own device, one with which they are comfortable and familiar and also suits their home requirements.

Read more about the background and benefits of BYOD.

BYOD Specifications (Currently under review for 2018)



Manage Connected Devices at Home, with Trend

22 December 2016

Trend Micro Home Network Security provides protection against cyber-attacks for every internet-connected device in your home – including game consoles, smart TVs, and appliances. Any product that is connected to the Internet now has the potential to be hacked; leading to data and identity theft, financial loss, and privacy invasion. Visit Trend Micro Website.

Note: BGGS Does not maintain a commercial arrangement with either Trend Micro, Amazon or Circle. Any advice/referral is general in nature.

How To: Set Up Parental Controls

21 November 2016

During the onboarding process, we mention that there is one final step for you to assist us in providing a safe an equitable learning environment for your daughter. We require you to set up parental controls which restrict certain features of your daughter’s device during school hours. Read more on Parent Portal

BYOD Advice – Security Tools

6 September 2016

There are many tools and software packages (both paid and free) available that enable you to control and monitor the use of the technology your daughter uses. This blog will be updated regularly with new tools as the IT Services Department continues to become aware, and tests the usefulness, of each software package. Read more on Parent Portal

BYOD Advice – Cyber Safety Blog

6 September 2016

The safety of our pupils our highest priority and the use of technology, both within the classroom and unsupervised and the ongoing support of our students, should align with best practice, with an emphasis on the judicious use of digital resources as a tool to enhance educational outcomes. There are many resources available on the internet that focus on Cyber Safety, and this blog will be regularly updated to link to these resources. Read more on Parent Portal

BYOD – Parent Support Hotline

12 August 2016

The BGGS IT Services Department have set up a telephone hotline for parents to access support and advice in the use and configuration of their students BYO Device. Read more on Parent Portal

eduroam: Education wireless network access – Coming Soon

26 April 2016

eduroam is short for “education roaming”. Eduroam is a global service enabling staff and students of educational, research and related institutions to visit another eduroam participating institution and connect to the visited institution’s wireless network automatically, i.e. with minimal effort for both user and visited institution. Read more

BES portal facilitates the purchase of BYOD suitable devices

7 July 2015

To support parents who wish to purchase a new computing device for their daughter, Brisbane Girls Grammar School has brokered an agreement with BES IT, a wholesale technology provider that has been working within the education sector for over 27 years. Read more

BYOD Advice – Device Security

17 July 2014

The IT Services Department have noticed a trend in the cases being recorded in our service desk system of student devices with broken screens. In most instances, the breakage could have been avoided through the use of a more robust case. Read more

BYOD Advice – Network Security at Home

10 July 2014

The School’s IT Services Department ensures the security and robustness of the wireless network on campus, using security certificate based encryption and industry leading firewalls. While there is great importance in ensuring the security of each interconnected device and the integrity of the data stored on the School network, it is also of great importance that your home network is also secure. Read more

BYO Device – Gazette article

3 July 2014

This article appeared in the 2014 winter issue of the Brisbane Girls Grammar School Gazette.

“The teaching and learning landscape at Brisbane Girls Grammar School has changed significantly in 2014. Bring your own device (BYOD) is a paradigm shift that has significant implications for the way in which your daughter engages with her learning.” Read more

All ‘onboard’ with BYOD

18 March 2014

BYOD has become an everyday reality for students, parents and staff at Brisbane Girls Grammar School. Through an onboarding and support process, the transition to BYOD has been streamlined and successful.
Read more

Providing software for Brisbane Girls Grammar School Families

5 December 2013

In 2014, Brisbane Girls Grammar School provide all students with access to curriculum-related software for the devices that they will use at School under the BYOD policy.
Read more

Into the great unknown

25 October 2013

An Insights article by Dean of Academic Development Mr Trent Driver about equipping students for careers that don’t yet exist. The BYOD initiative will empower students to embrace new technology and be better prepared for career paths of the future. Read more

BYOD Parent Information Evening 21 October 2013

21 October 2013

On Monday 21 October, Brisbane Girls Grammar School hosted a Parent Information Evening to explain how BYOD will influence students’ learning and introduce parents to expert staff to discuss the educational, practical and technological issues around BYOD. Watch a video presentation from the information session

In schools today, everything is ‘on the table’

14 March 2013

Co-Director of Technology Studies Mr Shane Skillen’s Insights article discusses the future of technology in schools (and our homes). Students today have a unique attachment to their mobile technology. Using the same device at home and at school fosters an important link between formal and informal learning. Read more.

Personalised learning expectations

Article originally published in 2012 AnnualReview

Dean of Academic Development Mr Trent Driver discusses how the Brisbane Girls Grammar BYOD Policy aligns with the School’s tradition of providing learning opportunities for our students that meet the individual needs of each girl. Read more