How to: Set-up Parental Controls

During the School’s onboarding process, parents are asked to set-up parental controls to provide a safe and equitable learning environment for your daughter.

The School requires parents to set-up controls which restrict certain features of your daughter’s device during School hours. At Girls Grammar, the School has systems in place to allow students to collaborate, share files and folders and link to online resources.

Certain technologies circumvent that process which can inadvertently omit others from group tasks. From an online safety perspective, the tethering of a mobile phone network to a student’s device also allows them to no longer be protected by the filters the School has implemented.

Please visit the following website, relevant to your daughter’s computer:



If parents require any assistance with this process, please contact the School’s IT Services Department.

Help Documents—MAC and Windows

  • Help Document: Setting up Parental Controls on MAC

  • Help Document: Setting up Network Permissions on MAC

  • Help Document: Creating Microsoft Accounts for Windows

  • Help Document: Adding a Family Member for Windows

  • Help Document: Setting up Parental Control on Windows