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Information for current families

Learn more about Brisbane Girls Grammar School, including our School’s academic success, unique opportunities and vast co-curricular options available to girls, and our weekly podcast, Illumine.


Girls Grammar education provides a foundation from which girls can discover the joy of learning, question and be curious, and develop into confident, well-rounded young women.

The School’s all-inclusive fee policy covers the cost of tuition, as well as a range of curricular and co-curricular activities.


At Brisbane Girls Grammar School, a broad-based, liberal education provides girls and young women with the foundations for future success. Since 1875, this educational philosophy has guided the School’s approach to curriculum design and delivery.


The School’s robust Co-curricular Program inspires girls to strengthen existing talents and discover new areas of passion. Students develop enduring life and leadership skills, and learn to be resilient and adventurous in spirit.



News from Brisbane Girls Grammar School offers families, and the wider community, an insight into the School’s achievements and milestones. If you are searching for news relevant to a particular area, please ‘filter’ using the below tab.

Parents can also listen to our School podcast, Illumine, hosted by Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler.

Our Principal

Ms Jacinda Euler is Principal of Brisbane Girls Grammar School. A strong advocate for the broad, liberal education offered by Girls Grammar, Ms Euler possesses a deep and authentic understanding of girls’ education.

Student Care

Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s holistic approach to wellbeing helps girls to understand their emotions, support and empathise with others, and encourages them to embrace and overcome challenges in pursuit of their goals.

Creating a warm and welcoming community with authentic and positive relationships is important for students’ wellbeing. At Girls Grammar, expert teachers and staff ensure that girls receive the understanding, care and support they need during the crucial stage of adolescence.