Special Provisions Applications for the QCS Test

The application processes and accepted conditions for Special Provisions for the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) test are different to those used for subject-based work within schools. The decision on granting Special Provisions, and the nature of those provisions, are the responsibility of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).

The Application for Special Provision form for long term conditions/non-emergency cases needs to be submitted by Tuesday 21 May 2019. This early notification is provided to ensure sufficient time to gather the necessary supporting documentation for applications. Full details of the QCS Special Provision processes are available on the QCAA website or the School’s Parent Portal.

Please read the 2019 Special Provision Handbook to determine eligibility and view the required documentation to support an application.

Year 12 students have been provided with this information via email and all details are accessible to them through their Moodle course—QCS Preparation.

If you wish to discuss these processes please contact me or Head of Learning Support, Ms Lesley Roy.

Mr James Keogh
Dean of Studies