Art Cafe—Michael Zavros

This year in Visual Art we saw the reemergence of Art Café. Art Café was introduced in the early 2000s by Head of Visual Art, Mr Donald Pincott, as an opportunity to bring together parents, students and those in the Brisbane Girls Grammar School community, for an evening of creative discussion and learning with practicing visual artists and makers.

The third and final Art Café of 2023 saw us joined by leading Australian artist, Michael Zavros, whose intoxicatingly beautiful retrospective exhibition, The Favourite, showed at GOMA.

Known for his technical prowess, Zavros has captivated audiences with his sumptuous realist renderings and surreal juxtapositions. He is one of Australia’s most well known artists and his work has been exhibited in major museums throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. His meticulously constructed images, with their inclination towards themes of luxury, beauty and decadence, are both highly aestheticised and deeply contemplative.

The evening was most popular, with the large audience enjoying a candid Q&A session at the end of a fascinating presentation on Zavros’ own journey in visual art.

Art Café is held once a term on a weeknight and will recommence in Term 1, 2024.

Ms Kirsten Eadie
Visual Art Teacher

Clare O’Quinn (11L) and Remy Hore (11R), 2024 Visual Art Captains, with Michael Zavros