Arts Fest 2019

Arts Fest is an annual event organised by the School’s Arts Captains. This year, Arts Captains, Sophie Sheppard (12W) and Brianna Wakefield (12W), worked with fellow Drama, Visual Art, Debating, Choir, Strings and Bands Captains to coordinate a week-long celebration of the arts through special performances and workshops.

On Monday, the girls were victorious in their student-teacher debate, arguing that students should not be able to choose their own teachers.

Tuesday saw rousing lunchtime performances by the School’s Percussion Ensembles, led by Mr Cavanough. Concurrently, an Earring Making Workshop gave students an opportunity to embrace technology and design.

Wednesday’s program featured a string quartet, an open air performance by Chorale, a Gypsy Band concert and individual art students drawing girls’ ‘soul creatures’.
Big Band and Contemporary Ensemble featured on Thursday at lunchtime and there was a screen printing workshop after school.
To finish the week, we enjoyed a Grammar Dance performance, slam poetry and busking on Friday.

In a week that also held myriad Instrumental Music competitions, choir workshops and the premiere of the School’s Drama Production, Medea, Week 4 was a stunning opportunity for girls to participate and observe a broad range of arts offerings at Girls Grammar.

Mr Andrew Pennay
Director of Creative Arts