Collective—An Exhibition of Artworks by Visual Art Staff

As a part of this week’s Arts Fest celebration, an exhibition of artworks by the School’s Visual Art Staff—Mr Donald Pincott, Ms Bronwyn McKean, Ms Hollie Hollie and Ms Kirsten Eadie—has been displayed in the Barbara Fielding Room.

Opened last Thursday afternoon, by Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, the intention of the exhibition is to show the School community not only that we as art teachers really do practice what we teach, but also to demonstrate the way in which these works genuinely emerge from an ongoing individual inquiry into the world of experience and a delight in the meditative and physical joy of making.

Bringing these works together as a department in the School context has also been informative in underscoring and making visible the ongoing process of reflection and cross-fertilisation between individual personal practice and the collective enterprise of teaching.

The exhibition will be open until Thursday 3 June.

Ms Hollie Hollie
Visual Arts Teacher

'The Heart and Centre - Desert Colours' - Ms Bronwyn McKean

'The Walk to the Grassy Creek - After Fire' by Ms Bronwyn McKean

'Infinity 6' by Mr Donald Pincott

Infinity collection by Mr Donald Pincott

'Earth Water Sun and Air' by Ms Hollie Hollie

'Passing By 1' by Ms Kirsten Eadie