Esther Beanland Medal Recipient 2020

Holly Eddington (10B) is this year’s recipient of the Esther Beanland Medal for Textile Design. Holly’s beaded ‘Butterfly Mask’ reflects a year of change and challenge. In her artist statement, Holly explains:

2020 has been a year typified by restriction, lockdown and for some, confinement. Nothing characterises this more than the face mask.

Inspired by this new, widely embraced accessory, I created a piece of wearable art that transforms a symbol of these trying times into a beautiful butterfly, a symbol of liberty and freedom.

Each wing of the butterfly is hand beaded using a variety of glass-seed beads, sequins, and pearls. The mask is sewn from lace.

Established by Lady Principal, Miss Sophia Beanland (1882–1889), in 1915 and named in honour of her mother, the Esther Beanland Medal celebrates the creativity and craftsmanship of many remarkable Grammar girls. Miss Beanland stipulated that the medal should be for ‘a prize for house needlework’, specifying that ‘the choice of the work done to be the pupil’s own choice, and the prize to be awarded for excellence of design and workmanship’ (Beanland, 1915). Over time, the parameters of the prize have changed to reflect trends. It has become a prize that allows a broader exploration of textile art resulting in some engaging creations. Congratulations, Holly.

Ms Rachael Christopherson
Head of Beanland House

Holly Eddington (10B)

‘Butterfly Mask’