From the Art Collection

A series of paintings have been loaned to the School, thanks to the generosity of Mr Michael Eather, owner and director of FireWorks Gallery and a former BGGS parent. The series comprises seven paintings, which are works from artists in the Lockhart River Art Gang—Rosella Namok, Samantha Hobson and Fiona Oomenyo.

These indigenous art pieces are a welcome addition to the School’s collection. All artists are prominent women whose work is shaped by their landscape and history.

The three artists are known for their rapid execution and use of their fingers and tools to scrape away paint layers on the canvas while retaining vibrant colours.

Their paintings reflect both traditional stories and contemporary themes associated with cultural, social and environmental concerns.

The works are currently hung as a small exhibition in the Academic Administration foyer and will be on display until the academic year commences in 2020.

Mrs Lorraine Thornquist
Manager of Collections

Reef/Life I by Samantha Hobson

Selfie (at the party) III by Rosella Namok

One blood connection... by Fiona Omeenyo