From the Art Collection

The art of Gordon Bennett crosses many media. Drawing from his Anglo-Celtic and aboriginal heritage, he explores and challenges perceptions of realities and myths of aboriginal history and identity in colonial and post-colonial Australian society.

Bennett was particularly interested in both visual and text language, and how together these elements give voice to deeper questions of who we are, individually and collectively. Dingoes is one of 23 digital prints gifted to the School by the Bennett Family Trust.

Bennett remains a major voice in contemporary art and his work openly appropriates some familiar cultural images, often informed by the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat—the poet, musician and graffiti artist of late 1970s New York.

Bennett is represented in most major public collections in Australia, including QAGOMA and several overseas collections.

Girls Grammar is honoured to receive and feature the work of Gordon Bennet in its fine arts collection.

Ms Lorraine Thornquist
Manager of Collections

Dingoes by Gordon Bennett